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Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Dogblogging

In case you didn't get enough of Cairo from the 251 Club thingy:

After our exciting adventure in the Northeast Kingdom, plus a lot of digging in the fresh snow, it's nice to just hang out on the couch by a toasty fire.

Nope, no felineblogging today: Sam's enjoying a bachelor weekend at home alone (when the mice are away, the cat...?), keeping the burglars at bay whilst we rough it at the Fortress.


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How come you don't take Sam with you to your country place? I take my kitty with me to mine. He hates the trip but loves being there. And I love having him there with me; it's more like home.

Posted by: lea-p | Dec 23, 2005 7:37:12 PM

I considered it, but couldn't quite get my act together to accomodate him. I will bring him when I can get away for long stints, however.

Posted by: NTodd | Dec 24, 2005 7:51:08 AM

So poor little Sam is spending Festivus all by his lonesome.

That's just mean.

And he'd better get some really good treats when you guys get home again.

Posted by: flory | Dec 24, 2005 5:57:33 PM

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