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Saturday, October 29, 2005

This Is A Sad Day For America

Doctor Dean:

Beyond the evidence that the White House manipulated the intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq, a group of senior White House officials not only orchestrated efforts to smear a critic of the war, but worked to cover up this smear campaign. In so doing, they ignored the rule of law, endangering our national security and the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting our nation's security. I. Lewis Libby was a part of this internal White House group.

This is not only an abuse of power, it is an un-American abuse of the public trust. As Americans, we must hold ourselves and our leaders to a higher standard. We cannot fear dissent. We cannot fear the truth. And we cannot tolerate those who do.



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We cannot fear dissent. We cannot fear the truth. And we cannot tolerate those who do.

Wait a second - it almost sounds like he's talking about... *gasp*... The Republicans???

Posted by: Eli | Oct 29, 2005 2:01:05 PM

Now if he could only get the Dems off their asses and DO something. I don't want Dean becoming the sane voice shouting in the wilderness again.

Posted by: watertiger | Oct 29, 2005 2:54:22 PM

When Democratic incumbents start losing primaries to candidates that want Bush impeached and/or troops withdrawn from Iraq they will then stop drinking the Bush Kool-Aide.

Posted by: George Johnston | Oct 29, 2005 9:01:43 PM

George Johnston, do you really think so? Bush is unpopular; the Iraq war is unpopular... but impeachment is even more unpopular. It may be necessary anyway, but impeaching Bush will damage Democratic hopes, not help them. Never forget that Clinton's impeachment increased his poll numbers. Americans don't like impeachment.

Democrats who run on a platform of stopping the war may have a better chance, but they'd better offer some economic hope as well. Recent polls show Americans distrust Bush, but don't particularly trust Democrats to fix what Bush has done wrong. Running on an anti-Bush platform, with nothing substantive beyond it, is a guaranteed recipe for losing elections. To win elections, Democrats need to be liberals again.

Dr. Dean's statement is exactly the right prelude: Republicans are crooks. Now he needs to follow that with strong messages of better things Dems have to offer. Impeachment won't cut it as a central campaign theme anymore than Republican Lite will.

Posted by: Steve Bates | Oct 30, 2005 8:16:12 AM

Yesterday I was arguing with some rabid impeachment fans. Yes, it may ultimately happen when the Dems retake Congress in '06, but the theme isn't one action, but the overall Culture of Corruption. Never forget this isn't just about Bush: it's DeLay, and Noe, and Frist, and the whole fucking GOP.

Dean's tack is exactly right. Be shrill, but don't say you're going to burn down the White House.

Posted by: NTodd | Oct 30, 2005 10:19:33 AM

Steve Bates - I think there's a Guardian oped you'd like to read by Gary Younge on precisely that topic - words to the effect of "Bush is in trouble and all the liberals can do is gloat".

Posted by: TheaLogie | Oct 31, 2005 9:24:47 AM

thealogie, you're a stupid republican moron

Posted by: a | Feb 10, 2006 5:47:00 PM

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