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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Worse Than 'MMM Bop'

Quiltlady brought this disturbing story to our attention over at Eschaton:

They may remind you another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate.

Known as "Prussian Blue" — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes — the girls from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since they were nine.

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race."

Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother April. "They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening," said April, a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins' father. "I'm going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would."

Yes, such a nurturing, loving parent.  One catchy tune by the Nazi Twins is Aryan Man Awake:

When the man who plows the fields is driven from his lands. When the carpenter must give away what he's built with his own hands. When a mother's only children belong to her no more. And black masked men with guns come bashing down the doors. Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin. Where lies and propaganda will never let you win. Where symbols of your heritage are held with such contempt, and benefits of country 'cept tax are you exempt .

Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake.

Can you see how they lie to warp your daughter's minds? Can you let your sons be trodden down or held behind? Can you apologize for things you did not do, and leave this battle that we fight to the proud and the few? What will it take for you to waken to the truth? What will it take for you to remember your own youth? What will you give up to help this worthy Cause, and strike with force and fury, without a single pause?

What will it take for you to remember your own folk? What will it take for you to break that heavy yoke? Why do you still cast your eyes downward to the ground? Worry lest what you say have prejudicial sound. Who will stand beside us when the war begins? Who will run and hide their heads and wait to see who wins? Who will face the end and watch a Valkyrie ride forth To join the gods and fallen stormtroopers of the North?

I give it a 42, but I can't dance to it.  Oy.

NYMary has more.


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Child abuse.

Posted by: DaveH | Oct 22, 2005 12:47:08 PM

I'm not saying I necessarily support the idea, but this kind of thing really makes nationwide mandatory orphanages for all children under 18 sound a lot more attractive. A lot more attractive.

Posted by: Doctor Biobrain | Oct 22, 2005 12:52:29 PM

Such beautiful girls they bring tears of joy to my eyes!

Posted by: Raptorman | Oct 22, 2005 1:07:06 PM

They rock and they are right. Get over it.

Posted by: sophiasdottir | Oct 22, 2005 1:18:45 PM

I look forward to 5-6 years from now when one of them gets knocked up by a black guy.

Posted by: Carbon | Oct 22, 2005 1:33:31 PM

"Known as "Prussian Blue" — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes"- This is wrong. Entirely wrong. This is a reference to the death camps.

Check out this search page and you'll see what I mean.

The name is a winking reference to the murder of millions of Jews, homosexuals, Slavs, Jehova's Witnesses, dissidents etc. Even just casting this as white nationalism hides how goddamn sick this is.

Posted by: peter rios | Oct 22, 2005 1:43:06 PM

I've read a lot about these girls over the past two days... but oddly I haven't seen anyone mention the obvious: they can't sing. They can't hold a tune. Either of them.

So I'm not worried about them invading Mass Consumer Culture and winning teeming millions over to embrace their philosophy of hatred and White Superiority... when inferiority is writ large over their own efforts.

See for yourself. http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=5312

I predict that you will be more struck by their utter lack of talent than even at their appallingly stupid racist notions. They're not a threat - they're a bad joke.

Posted by: Malacandra | Oct 22, 2005 1:52:09 PM

Carbon, way to totally misunderstand something. Prussian Blue is a pigment and is non-toxic.
Why oh why are morons allowed to post?

Posted by: carbonidiot | Oct 22, 2005 1:56:44 PM

Southern Poverty Law Center had an article about them in an issue of their online magazine a few issues ago. Their last article is usually one it's hard to believe, like Prussian Blue or, in this issue (just hit the web), the "Southern Patriot Shop"

Posted by: scooter | Oct 22, 2005 1:57:22 PM

I think I'm going to have to go boil my brain in bleach for a couple of hours now to make this go away. Ugh.

Posted by: Ray Radlein | Oct 22, 2005 1:58:10 PM

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx.

You never know when funny things happen, though. Maybe they will wake up and find themselves sudeenly transformed into giant cockroaches.

Posted by: Ba'al | Oct 22, 2005 1:59:18 PM

I think your post was meant to be about peter rios, not carbon.
you=moron, thanks for coming out though

Posted by: huh | Oct 22, 2005 1:59:25 PM

This world just don't get less nutty, does it?

Posted by: Dan | Oct 22, 2005 2:05:09 PM

carbonidiot isn't even bright enough to respond to the correct person, peter rios made the comment. At any rate I invite carbonidiot to Google prussian-blue and zyklon-b before s/he dismisses outright the possibility that this is a none-too-subtle nod to holocaust deniers.

Posted by: tigrismus | Oct 22, 2005 2:05:55 PM

Carbonidiot, you're a despicable person for trying to cloud the issue. Prussian Blue forms on surfaces as an aftereffect of the gas chambers.

Piss off, Nazi.

Posted by: Pope Guilty | Oct 22, 2005 2:06:36 PM

Look at all the nightcrawlers who come creeping out from under the rocks when they think the time is right. Religious fanatics, white racists, homophobics, anarchists ... who knew we had so many homegrown, uneducated, unthinking, benighted people who revel in their own stupidity?

Posted by: ellroon | Oct 22, 2005 2:12:53 PM

Child abuse indeed.

Hitler couldn't carry a tune either, but he did have his own rapping style. Alas.

Lord Ba'al, I submit to you, that these two already belong to the Lord of the Flies.

He will send his minion Mansquito to have his way with them sooner or later.

Posted by: kelley b. | Oct 22, 2005 2:16:41 PM

What a great bunch of girls!

Defending their race, not race-mixing. God bless them.


Posted by: PrussianBlue4life | Oct 22, 2005 2:17:41 PM

It's 'bout enough to make one hope for the end of days.

Posted by: desi | Oct 22, 2005 2:17:45 PM

American Nazis: The result of colonic gestation, presenting the best argument available against heterosexual anal intercourse.

Remarkably, considering their provenance, they succeed in being dumber than shit. All things considered, that takes some doin'...

Posted by: T. Scheisskopf | Oct 22, 2005 2:19:42 PM

Their Nazism is merely an adorable play-denial of their need to bump nonwhite seashells.

Posted by: kei & yuri, bitch! | Oct 22, 2005 2:33:00 PM

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx.

Their mom showed them "Watermelon Man" and told them it was a documentary.

Posted by: Cheap Shot Artist | Oct 22, 2005 2:49:01 PM

In ten years they'll have dreds, and will be doing a reggae/hip hop act.

I suggest that now, we just laugh at them. Those shirts are some sick humor -- I thought at first this had to be some Onion parody.

Nazi pedophiles must be their biggest fans. That's some target marketing!

Posted by: Bat Guano | Oct 22, 2005 2:53:18 PM

From nazi articles on "Prussian Blue" (the pigment, not the pigment-free hate sirens), it looks like the color is formed as residue when bricks are exposed to high levels of specific toxins, e.g. death chambers. (Called "alleged death chambers" by the skinheads.)

That's what I'd want *my* band called. "Residue on Bricks." When the twins split over (ahem) "autistic differences," one can be "Men's Room Piss Stain" and the other can be "Old Folks Home Wheelchair Skid Mark."

Posted by: JustDave | Oct 22, 2005 3:08:44 PM

Well. If nothing else, at least it's something to throw in the faces of self-righteous Californians.

Posted by: guy from ohio | Oct 22, 2005 3:14:42 PM

Tchah. You're just so 6 months ago...

Posted by: Republic of Palau | Oct 22, 2005 3:15:24 PM

I have to admit, I'd be tempted to get one of those adorable Hitler smiley-face t-shirts, as long as I could get one with a nice bullet hole between the eyes.

Sick sick sick people.

Posted by: Mnemosyne | Oct 22, 2005 3:20:22 PM

I have to admit, I'd be tempted to get one of those adorable Hitler smiley-face t-shirts, as long as I could get one with a nice bullet hole between the eyes.

I thought the entry wound was the mouth and the exit wound the back/top of the head? (Nothing Tastes Quite Like A Luger!)

Posted by: Dustbin Of History | Oct 22, 2005 3:33:34 PM

...at least it's something to throw in the faces of self-righteous Californians.

That comment makes me consider that there are individualists and ditto-heads, um... "group-thinkers"...

I'd like to ask you refrain from painting with a broad brush (so to speak).

Posted by: Darryl Pearce | Oct 22, 2005 3:37:26 PM

I think I narrowed it down quite accurately with the "self-righteous" qualifier.

Look, I lived there most of my life and moved to Ohio a few years back. So, when old friends say stuff like "Man, why is Ohio so backwards and racist and homophobic," it's nice to have a comeback other than "I don't know. How's that governor of yours working out anyway?"

Posted by: guy from ohio | Oct 22, 2005 3:49:48 PM

Ugh. They've been at this for a while now - their website was somethingawful.com's Awful Link of the Day a year or two ago. I was hoping by now the little shits would have wised up. Until then I can only look forward to the day that Lynx and Lamb realize the white supremacist movement consists of lonely, violent cowards who blame others for their own shortcomings. Wise up, girls, and fast.

Posted by: Charlotte Smith (nee Beavers) | Oct 22, 2005 4:00:57 PM

There is an MP3 "sample" download of their exciting new tune, "The Stranger" here:


Posted by: The Liberal Avenger | Oct 22, 2005 4:06:38 PM

Bakersfield still has Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Dwight Yoakham to be proud of. Go home, girls, your 15 minutes of fame are up...

Posted by: dr sardonicus | Oct 22, 2005 4:07:13 PM


Music Videos!

Posted by: The Liberal Avenger | Oct 22, 2005 4:08:22 PM

I have to admit, I'd be tempted to get one of those adorable Hitler smiley-face t-shirts, as long as I could get one with a nice bullet hole between the eyes.
I thought the entry wound was the mouth and the exit wound the back/top of the head? (Nothing Tastes Quite Like A Luger!)

And before all you NRA members respond, yah, we know. It should be: "Actually, nothing tastes quite like Walther PPK!"

Posted by: fafner1 | Oct 22, 2005 4:26:00 PM

I've just heard the sound sample posted by The Liberal Avenger ...



Their musical abilities are on par with their twisted views.

Out of time, out of tune.

Posted by: soundman | Oct 22, 2005 4:32:12 PM

...oh. I hope I didn't come off sounding self-righteous.

Now that we know about these two twins, we see that some evolutionary paths are "No Outlet"

Posted by: Darryl Pearce | Oct 22, 2005 5:35:40 PM

"We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white"
What these admireres of Hitler overlook is
that he considered most white people, other
than the Arians, to be inferior. That
includes all the Slavic people, as well
as the people of the Balkans. While he
couldn't come out and say that Italians and
Spaniards were inferior, since he needed
allies, his racist theories also imply that
they are.

Posted by: Captain Video | Oct 22, 2005 6:08:26 PM

SOME people should NOT be allowed to breed.

The "mother" of the Nazi twins comes to mind.

As for the posters here who think there is nothing wrong with children spreading hatred, here's hoping your kids pull a Menendez on you someday.

Posted by: Terry C | Oct 22, 2005 7:24:53 PM

# I wish to complain about this CD what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.

> Oh yes, the, uh, the Prussian Blue...What's, uh...What's wrong with it?

# I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my lad. It sucks, that's what's wrong with it!

> No, no, their talent's uh,...it's resting.

# Look, matey, I know a lack of talent when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now.

> No no it's not bad, it's, it's restin'! Remarkable music, the Prussian Blue, idn'it, ay? Beautiful liner notes!

Posted by: Patrick Taylor | Oct 22, 2005 7:55:52 PM

their talents not restng, its pinin' for the fjords!

Posted by: Ba'al | Oct 22, 2005 8:02:46 PM

Prussian Blue demonstrates the fundamental failure of fascist ideology.

Just as fascism can never succeed in a free market of ideas (it can either be imposed by force, or fester futilely in a tiny subculture like the "White Pride" clowns),

Just as fascist states can never win wars (they can destroy themselves trying to bring down democracies, or can slaughter their own people until they collapse),

Just so will the cute but talentless Lynx and Lamb never catch on with the mainstream (they can play for their little "aryan" clubs, or they can try to make it in the real music biz and whine through their twenties about how Jew promoters hold them back).

Posted by: John M. Burt | Oct 22, 2005 8:18:31 PM

I think it's at this point that Ha-Shem throws up Her hands in despair and says "Fuck it. I'm starting over. Again."

Posted by: Michael | Oct 22, 2005 9:04:07 PM

As an American of Germanic ancestry, seeing this just makes my blood boil. I wish I could strangle their parents.

Posted by: rougy | Oct 22, 2005 10:31:32 PM

Terry C., Patrick, can't you see I'm getting over the flu? I nearly died laughing. Loogies all over my monitor. And they say laughter's the best medicine... well, why do I feel so ill? :)

Posted by: Doc Johnson | Oct 22, 2005 10:55:50 PM

I give
it an 88, dick....it's got a beat, and you can MARCH to it!

Posted by: SHR | Oct 22, 2005 11:26:34 PM

"Who will face the end and watch a Valkyrie ride forth To join the gods and fallen stormtroopers of the North?"

I can't see the little pagans getting very far in this country!

Posted by: Will | Oct 23, 2005 7:11:22 AM

FYI, NTodd, Typepad doesn't play well with HaloScan trackbacks -- I tried to link back to this re my Sunday Reading post, but it cratered.

Posted by: Mustang Bobby | Oct 23, 2005 9:18:42 AM

And no one yet mentioned the fact that Hitler himself was not an Aryan, and if he had taken his own policy seriously, he would have went to the camps himself.

Frankly, I don't think the girls DESERVE something as good as a big black guy - some of Dr. Mengele's sexperiments would be more suitable. Maybe her mother could watch?

Posted by: Alois Schicklgruber | Oct 24, 2005 12:42:00 PM

Funny, if their songs were about whatever it is that Britney Spears sings about, and their shirts said "pornstar", nobody would care. If they were sitting home playing violent video games all day long, would anyone notice? If they walked up to Jenna Jamison and called her a role model, would this website blink an eye?

I don't like what these hate mongers have to say, but I have no defense for the society that they are reacting against either. It's a 1st amendment issue after all, right? Don't like it, don't watch, don't listen...right?

Posted by: noname | Oct 24, 2005 1:13:37 PM

Sorry, noname, but you're comparing apples to road apples. What Britney Spears is pleased to call music may well be an abomination to all the gods of taste, but it is not, per se, hateful. Pornography is also not per se harmful (I've seen no worthwhile studies documenting a link between porn watching and incidence of rape or other inappropriate sexual behavior, and with the rise of the Internet and cheap digital photography, an awful lot of what's out there these days is amateur and self-produced, which does away with the "degrading to the actors" argument to a large degree.). Same with video games (the jury is still out on that one, but the studies I've seen have all pooh-poohed any serious causal link between them and increased violence). But there's an obvious link between white supremacist beliefs and violence. And who is Jenna Jamison that I should care about her?

Posted by: Michael | Oct 24, 2005 1:26:47 PM

It's ok to spread hate of women, but to question why it is that the record industry feels so comfortable collecting the profits from the pimp culture that they themselves promote. If there were money in the Nazi girls, they would be selling it. Perhaps that's why this resonates, right? You know that it's impossible to simply say,"change the channel", and what then if this was on TV all day? I don't hate anybody, but it's a 1st amendment issue. Period. Let them hate.

Posted by: noname | Oct 24, 2005 4:05:13 PM

I'm not following you, noname. Where did I say it was OK to spread the hate of women? There's no chance that the Hitler twins will get picked up by a major record label--even if they could sing, their subject matter guarantees they'll have a fringe appeal at best. So I'm not exactly sure where you're getting either "profits" or "pimp culture."

Posted by: Michael | Oct 24, 2005 10:56:20 PM

I'm not saying that you say it's ok. I'm saying that the world at large doesn't care. So why care about this brand of hate? I don't hear a chorus of "child abuse" when children are exposed to other forms of ugliness. If they were a couple of 13 year olds with shirts that said 'porn star' people wouldn't care. And yes, that is ugly. So in a nut shell; pimps abusing young girls, ok. Nazis bad. I think that it's all shit. Best thing to do is not tune in. Why give them the free publicity? Do you think that their parents didn't count on this sort of backlash the same way that Malcolm Mclarren counted on getting the sex pistols on the front page? As for the major labels, I think that it was Marx that said a capitalist will sell you the rope that your going to hang him with. They sold the NWA. What was their message? Go out and kill other niggaz? Something like that. Perhaps these two are a little close to the bone for some record industry slime, but that's what the label offshoots are for. But like the song goes, nothings shocking.

Posted by: noname | Oct 25, 2005 10:40:19 PM

The girl's are cute. I keep coming across posts and comments here and there in these last few hours of researching this subject.

"" Oh yeah, wait until these girls get a black penis in their hands, when they get older and rebellious against their parents"

Along those lines. I don't know if it's the same poster. If not, it resounds a little.

Can't have Love, without a little Hate to protect it. And you can't have Hate, without a little Love to protect it.

That's why there's a lot of LOSER'S out there in the first true sense of the word.

Everyone has lost things, but some of us refuse to lose anymore. So to those that want to lose everything, I say piss off, and luck out. Try me!

Posted by: Mark | Nov 5, 2005 2:01:18 AM

Lynx and Lamb are certainly not the enemy. What is the enemy consists of those who support civil rights, affirmative action, welfare programs and the inability to understand that there are racial differences both in intelligence and behavior. The idea there are not races fails in the face of the current state of medical technology. If there are not differences how can you have different drug reactions based on color, how can you have drugs geared to only one race. It is the choice of Prussian Blue and the right of there parents to teach what they see fit. If society had a right to tell people how to raise there children do you think we would have problems with kids being in gangs, doing drugs, listening to rap which is far more racist and damaging the anything Prussian Blue is singing.
The world is more then just white people, but it is the white race that has made it civilized. While the rest of the races were running around in loin cloths the white race was building cities and making advances. The only comparison was the Far East which made progress until there ruling class stagnated it. Whites when not held back by restrictive governments as proven by the advances in the 300 years of American history have not been matched by any other society even with a thousand years to do it in. People may not like the facts but history shows who the real leaders of humanity have been. The girls merely bring that to the forefront and quite simply most people feel too insecure in there own skin and lives to accept a simple fact.

Posted by: Chuck | Dec 30, 2005 9:23:19 PM

Oh, holy Mother of God. Have we learned nothing in the sixty years since World War II ended? Chuck, your spiel there could have come right out of the pages of Mein Kampf. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Posted by: Michael | Dec 30, 2005 9:45:21 PM

Well Michael I am not only proud of my view because it is right but I will bet you have never even seen a copy on Mein Kampf since you certainly have no knowledge of what is written.

Posted by: Chuck | Feb 13, 2006 12:07:13 AM

Chuck - you're wrong, you're evil, and I would bet Michael has read Mein Kampf, probably in German. Me, I only have an English translation, which I've read and often cite here. Go crawl back under your rock, you vile little worm.

Posted by: NTodd | Feb 13, 2006 11:53:25 AM


Posted by: HXCSODINOCORE | Mar 17, 2006 12:31:56 PM

It's amazing how much a couple of cute teen girls who are proud of their race can bring the bugs out from under their rocks.

If you folks have so much hate to direct, I would suggest directing it at the Carr brothers in Wichita, or the mob who almost killed Reginald Denny.

I am damn sick of every time a black thinks he is slighted he can advocate killing whites, and/or burn down his neighborhood and all is well.

Let a couple of young girls sing a song, and it is terrible. You people are all brainwashed by the jew-box television and your own inferior based longing for large black organs, esad


Posted by: JesseJames | Apr 17, 2006 2:36:21 PM

What the FUCK? Was that last bit a fucking joke?! I'm lucky I hadn't even heard of these Nazi twins until now. Have you seen their message board? Gave me fucking chills down my spine. Shit like "faked hate crimes" and "News from the Nation and local areas that is supressed by the controlled media." What the hell!

And this comes from an article was posted on their blog:
"I keep an open ear ready to pounce upon any ‘racist’ lyrics and found none whatsoever. Sure, they have a song that talks about the glory of fighting and dying for what you believe in during World War I. But this is a far cry from goose-stepping, brown-shirted teens."

Thank God I live in an area far from Nazi freaks like these!

Posted by: DrGonzo | Jun 6, 2006 1:41:12 AM

Dr. Gonzo

Perhaps we should meet and discuss this in detail.

I will also be able to show you my new collections.


Posted by: JesseJames | Jul 24, 2006 1:01:08 PM

well my opinion in all of this is that its the mothers fault these girls were brought up like this. what the mother oughtta do is hire a voice music instructor, because they cant sing for shit or even play their instruments for that matter! they suck and i think nazis are over rated. damn retards.

Posted by: anonymous | Aug 23, 2006 2:25:50 AM

The girl's are cute. I keep coming across posts and comments here and there in these last few hours of researching this subject.

"" Oh yeah, wait until these girls get a black penis in their hands, when they get older and rebellious against their parents"
Perspectives on learning

Posted by: Health | Sep 4, 2006 10:31:05 AM

Why is it ok for black people to say they are proud of being black?,But soon as white people stand up and say they are proud of being white, everyone starts complaining. Just goes to show you these girls are right.

Posted by: Richerthanyou | Dec 11, 2006 8:50:28 PM

Why is it ok for black people to say they are proud of being black?,But soon as white people stand up and say they are proud of being white, everyone starts complaining. Just goes to show you these girls are right.

1) I think anybody who is "proud' of their race is a fucktard.

2) Black folk have been oppressed by white folk, not the other way around, so I cut them some slack if they want to try to overcome degradation with a bit of inordinate pride.

3) The girls sing about the horrors of mixing races and other fucked up shit, so they ain't right.

But thanks for dropping by, you proudly-bigoted asshole.

Posted by: NTodd | Dec 11, 2006 9:42:05 PM

""We want our people to stay white"

That doesn't even make sense.

Then again, consider the source.

In 10 years, I expect to see these two as the co-stars of the "Blacks On Blondes" porn series.

Posted by: Terry C, Gore/Clark 08 | Dec 11, 2006 9:51:16 PM

Before I say anything I would like to let you all know 3 things- that I am white, I have blonde hair, I have blue eyes...BIG DEAL!! You won't find me prancing around in Hitler shirts singing happy songs about KILLING BLACKS! Why? Because I have had HISTORY LESSONS and have seen evidence for myself!! I've heard the stories- talked to my grandfather who fought the war!

I can't wait til these two stuck up brats have nightmares of being sent to death camps for no other reason than being white! They should strip off, have their hair cut off, be separated from their families, forced to work and then be sent to a gas chamber to be gased! Then see how they like it once it's them! Perhaps when they wake up they'll realize why they are WRONG

Posted by: ... | Mar 29, 2007 6:05:04 PM

I agree 100% with you

Posted by: Alexes | Jul 4, 2007 5:02:23 PM

I support you girls all the way.
More power to you.

Posted by: Michael Gaede | Jul 4, 2007 5:04:01 PM

I my self and my twin sister Lexii sing and have a band just lit the girls.
We are proud to be white also. There is nothing wrong being happy what you are and enjoying telling the world about it. We support the girla 100% and would do any thing for them. We are 13

Posted by: Alexes Gaede | Jul 7, 2007 8:16:30 PM

What the fuck does it mean to be proud of your skin color? If you're going to be proud of what is essentially a genetic lottery, why not be proud of being human?

Posted by: NTodd | Jul 8, 2007 2:21:47 AM


For the love of god, this isn't comment spam.

Posted by: wÒÓ† | Dec 13, 2007 10:58:17 AM

It is not necessarily support there idea, it depend on person to person

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