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Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Catblogging

Sam contorts himself to clean an inconveniently dirty spot.


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gravity-defying, he is.

Posted by: watertiger | Apr 22, 2005 3:02:52 PM

Upside down kitty blogging! almost gave me vertigo.

Sam, fluffy, sleek
Leaping, playing and purring
Completely sublime.

There. Sam haiku.

Posted by: four legs good | Apr 22, 2005 3:38:54 PM

cat cleaning here there
and everywhere just to
get dirty again

Hai, Sam. Haiku.

Posted by: The Heretik | Apr 22, 2005 9:52:35 PM

Cat lick turnabout
twisting smokelike to proclaim
a new start wiped clean.

Sam Haiku, 3rd in a series

Posted by: atablarasa | Apr 23, 2005 2:09:21 AM

Soft velcro paws grip
As the world tilts
Sam demands clean fur

Posted by: ellroon | Apr 23, 2005 2:41:10 AM

The picture does look like he's floating, - kept inside the house by the ceiling. Cute kitty!

Posted by: oldwhitelady | Apr 23, 2005 2:22:17 PM

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