Sunday, 10/15/2017

You need cooling

Baby, I'm not fooling.


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not many will give a brass halfpenny


I feel I'd like to be alone
with you, friend, if you'll stay:
my time on earth is nearly gone;
at least that's what they say.

MY Lermontov.


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Friday, 10/13/2017

When Rising from the Bed of Death

Life is a fantasia...


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Butterfield's Lullaby


Going to sleep, I cross my hands on my chest.   
They will place my hands like this.   
It will look as though I am flying into myself.

Bill Knott.


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Respect only counts right before football games.


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Wednesday, 10/11/2017

I'll be gone In a day or two

Slowly learning that life is OK...


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Did you hear what it said?

Portrait of an Old Woman on the College Tavern Wall:

                  I only said
how I want to be there,
Oh, down at the tavern
where the prophets are singing
around their round table
until they are still.

Anne Sexton.


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Tuesday, 10/10/2017

The Calm Before The Storm

I hope the FCC investigates BET and Marshall Mathers.


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A Good Start


“Where do you start and where do you stop?” Zinke asked his Breitbart interviewer. “It’s a slippery slope. If you’re a native Indian, I can tell you, you’re not very happy about the history of General Sherman or perhaps President Grant.”

Let's finish with the Treasonous Slavers, then Andy Jackson, and after that you can get back to me about the other imperialists...


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Monday, 10/09/2017

October 4, 1957, and an Invitation to Dance

Anatomie de l'Horreur.


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Unterdrückung macht frei

Hello, Allegiance, my old friend.  I've come to remind you of the First Amendment again...


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Am I Not A Man And A Brother?

The Kneeling Slave:

My heart is sad as I contemplate thee,
  Thou fettered victim of despotic sway;
   Driven, like a senseless brute, from day to day,
Though equal born, as thy tyrant free.
With hands together clasped imploringly,
   And face upturned to Heaven, (Heaven shall repay!)
   For liberty and justice thou dost pray,
In piteous accents, and on bended knee.

William Lloyd Garrison.


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Who am I to disagree?

Everybody's looking for something.


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Sunday, 10/08/2017

Sweet Dreams

A kiss on the forehead:

A kiss on the forehead—erases misery.
I kiss your forehead.
A kiss on the eyes—lifts sleeplessness.
I kiss your eyes.
A kiss on the lips—is a drink of water.
I kiss your lips.
A kiss on the forehead—erases memory.

Marina Tsvetaeva.


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