Friday, 11/24/2017

Will you do the Fandango?

It's the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of its epoch.


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Think of a Rubens, he said to himself.

Cullen in the Afterlife:

He found it strange at first. A new dimension.  
One he had never guessed. The fourth? The fifth? 
How could he tell, who’d only known the third?
Something to do with eyesight, depth of field.
Perspective quite beyond him. Everything flat
or nearly flat. The vanishing point 
they’d tried to teach at school was out of sight
and out of mind. A blank.

P. K. Page.


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Thursday, 11/23/2017

the eyes of all people are upon us

Springfield, truly the City upon a Hill.


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The First Cranksgiving

Damned Socialists shoulda done died.


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Wednesday, 11/22/2017

I Didn't See A Jar Of Acid On The Bar Tab

He once held the hand of one of his opponent's wife's hand in a jar of acid at a party...


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John 18:38


It was as hot as what
stars must feel like
so far away, certainly 
there, inside me.
I took it in my hands,
put it where it should be
in the wet softness
where my heart sits.
Ugly things came
to threaten me, to say
I had lost the last lock
holding me to truth.
That was not true,
because old truths
were now lies, I saw
families as human.
I found the goodness
in what is not perfect,
and a new perfection
in what is not good.
This happened in
a new home twelve
time zones away, as
the world collapsed.
in a clitter clatter
like a busy kitchen,
the universe forming
now inside all of me.

Afaa Michael Weaver.


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George Washington Knew How To Party

Finally, a meme that is pretty accurate!  $15k on booze for 55 gents...George clearly was lying he we decried parties in American politics.


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Tuesday, 11/21/2017

Is Truth Unchanging Law?

There was no Red Sea.  And really, there's no such thing as The Bible, either.  Who are ya gonna believe, Ray Moore or the Society of Friends?


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You've got plenty of gas, plenty of gas, babe.

Damn Al Bean for participating in this hoax.


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Monday, 11/20/2017

The Ramans Do Everything In Threes

It's either a fascinating alien spaceship, or a missile from the Klendathu asteroid belt.


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When Shall This Drift With Silence Meet The Sun?

Retroduction to American History:

Cats walk the floor at midnight; that enemy of fog,   
The moon, wraps the bedpost in receding stillness; sleep
Collects all weary nothings and lugs away the towers,
The pinnacles of dust that feed the subway.
What stiff unhappy silence waits on sleep
Struts like an officer; tongues next-door bewitch   
Themselves with divination; I like a melancholy oaf   
Beg the nightly pillow with impossible loves.   
And abnegation folds hands, crossed like the knees   
Of the complacent tailor, stitches cloaks of mercy   
To the backs of obsessions.

Allen Tate.


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Sunday, 11/19/2017

"That damned hornist! Can't he count?"

Anthony on how silly intellectuals can be:

When he met Stalin in person in 1935 [Romain] Rolland compared him to Beethoven as the creator of a new humanism.

Which, said, in 1935, well into the widely reported starvation campaign against the Ukranians, well into the purges and show trials, well into Stalin showing Hitler how mass murder could be done, marks Romain Rolland as a monumental meat head.  Anyone who could think that the man who suffered such a drastic disillusionment when Napoleon had himself made emperor would welcome being compared to Stalin obviously knows nothing about Beethoven.  It is the kind of idiotic thing that a literary man will say about a musician, confirming Aaron Copland's generous estimate that half of what a literary man says about music will be wrong.  Rolland as well as the other 1930s admirers of Stalin were both epically stupid and morally defective.  

Stalin did, however, at least make the metronomes run on time...


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Pareidolia Idiocy

Time for Buzz to punch out another hoaxer.  Alternately, people can check out to understand the lunacy of such people.


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I feel like I owe it to someone

Always thought it would be Crosby to go first.


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his father’s beard is obsolete

Farming Family, 1912:

The cruelty of the men when they’re alone,
The women’s tiredness and resignation,
Do not get multiplied, as you’d expect,
When the extended families collect,
One day a year, to get their pictures taken.
It’s not that any of their faces soften,
Nor that there’s any obvious affection
Between the farmer’s mother and his son;
And only an idealist could see
In this brief cutting from the family tree
A symbol of the strength of rootedness—
Three generations dwelling in one place—
Knowing how soon the root will lose its branch,
Cut down and hacked to pieces in a trench.
The only explanation that makes sense
For the illusion of resilience
That lights their eyes and makes them look at home
Is that with every added generation
Buried potentialities appear...

Adam Kirsch.


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"I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States."

Our long national nightmare is over.  Thank you, President Clinton, for your service these last 10 months, despite all those emails.


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Saturday, 11/18/2017

"Awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp, shock."

Oddly enough, I was in Stratford in '82.


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"The law is telling me to do something really, really stupid."

And Gorsuch obliges every damned day.  Because he thinks the Constitution is a homicide pact.


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Српско-руски марш

Bright sun, you do not shine equally...


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Prayer of Saint Basil the Great


Like a withered oak in the valley
My country waits.
No one friendly leans
His head against her,
Rain waters not her roots - 
She thirsts in vain!
The prophets dwell on hills
And read the stars.

Rudolph Gilbert.


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Larry Bird Is A Hick From French Lick

It's a fun little streak (how I miss Fall in Cleveland).  If this plucky young squad keeps it up, I might be able to find joy in Mudville as I did in my youth.


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Chewbacca Is A Wookiee From The Planet Kashyyyk



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Friday, 11/17/2017

F for Frankendetta

I admit when I first saw Franken's initial, short, weak tea apology, I wanted him to step down

The longer version, along with his direct apology to his victim, along with her acceptance of his proffer, changed my mind.  He did wrong, admits it, and isn't so smarmy and self-serving as Louis CK or other men called out.  Sure, "investigate" and castigate and let his lesson be for all of us in the ruling patriarchy.

More than that strikes me as counterproductive.  No need to shoot him behind the chemical shed when Roy Moore and Donald Trump don't acknowledge their wrongdoing.


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